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Saturday (Vigil)
4:00 PM (English) - Our Lady of La Vang

10:30 AM (English) - Our Lady of La Vang
12:00 PM (Spanish) - Our Lady of La Vang
7:00 PM (Spanish) - Our Lady of La Vang
Mass Schedule

Welcome to Our Lady of La Vang Parish

Welcome to Our Lady of La Vang Parish.

Our Lady of La Vang Parish is a personal parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose in California serving the Vietnamese community. Founded in 1872, St. Patrick was the second Roman Catholic parish established in the city of San José, following what is now the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph.

From 1981 until 1990, St. Patrick served as the cathedral of the Diocese of San José; the cathedral was then transferred to the newly renovated St. Joseph, at which time the parish was re-designated a proto-cathedral. On July 1, 1999, the parish status changed from being a “regular” territorial parish to being a personal parish for the Vietnamese Catholics in the Diocese of San Jose. Though having the status of Vietnamese personal parish, St. Patrick also embraces other ethnic groups. Besides liturgical services offered in Vietnamese, the parish also offers liturgical celebrations in English and Spanish Masses.

We invite you all to join Our Lady of La Vang Parish to worship with us, as well as to support the parish with your love and generosity. We further welcome every one of all ethnic heritages to our parish family as we offer glory and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ.